Dr Sacks has been my dentist for 20 years.  He is an excellent dentist. He is kind and patient, and has a good sense of humor.  He is skilled in most areas of dentistry, and always keeps up with his education.  I strongly recommend Dr Sacks for your personal family dentist.

Felicia Soissons-Segal PHD

My bridge is so comfortable that I am not even aware of it. Thanks you again for all the time you have taken to make it so beautiful. I cannot wait to show it to Dr ****.
I love it!!!!!
I am so grateful to have you in my life.


My tooth is great!! (big smile) Not sensitive , I'm careful but it seems really good--not like the others. It's that meticulous 4 hour perfection of yours--thanks so much!!!.
I still can't get over how great my front teeth look now. Thanks for you help and for thinking of me. You are such a great dentist and a good friend.

Sherry E.

Dr. Sacks is very technically skilled. His work is always done with great precision. My oldest brother is a dentist as well and marvels at the dental work that Dr. Sacks performs. In addition, he is a very concerned and caring professional. He even attended an implant surgery that another specialist performed on his day off. I highly recommend his, and his staff's, services. I trust him to tell me what needs to be done. You can call me if you wish to discuss my experiences with him. SB

I love how you care. It is refreshing and appreciated. DS

Great job:-). You are an artist.


Dr. Phil, You are really to be commended. You did such a great job. My wife was jealous . She said I wish my teeth looked that good.

Thank again, S.C.

Stan Cline

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for RX of my emergency dental. Your dental expertise and kindness shall always be remembered. Thank you and much goodness for the new year.


Friendly staff beginning at the front, to every single assistant, always treats me with patience and respect. Dr. Sacks' professionalism, not forgetting his humor, makes every visit a positive one.


2/1/2010 - My "new tooth" is amazing. It is sooo great. Thank you sooo much. my front teeth look fairly straight too. So much better. That is so amazing! I love it. Thank you all so much for all of your time and effort. I am so happy! Luv ya.


You all have a way about you when I visit your office I feel liked. I feel I'm cared about and cared for. I always feel important. Thanks for helping me feel good about me! Hugs!


Happy Birthday to the best dentist in the world! I owe my smile to you.


Dr Phil, everything you have made for me has done so beautifully that is is all still as good as new...except the wearer! Miss you and appreciate you and your magnificent care and talent more than I can say - patient since 1970).


I don't know what I would hav edone wihtout yesterday on your day off. You and your nurse saved my life. I was like Tom Hanks on island in Castaway with a toothache. Thank you, once again you saved me.


Thank you so much for fitting me into your schedule today on such short notice; for staying late on a Friday to give me the very best in care. What you did today is nothing less than inspiring and went a long way towards lightening the load I am presently carrying. I am tremendously grateful. See you next week.


Dr. Phil, thank you so much for all our hard work on my mouht. Your staff is great and you are the best. I am sorry you had to work so late!


Dr. Phil, you are the best dentist. I feel fine, no pain, and I can chew almost like normal on that side. Thanks -


Thank you Dr Sacks for being such a great friend and awesome dentist! Also, your staff is so professional. Good employees are hard to find..see you soon!


Dearest Dr. Phil, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your staff for making me feel cared for and special, as a person and a patient. You're the best of the best!


I took a moment this morning to find this email so that I too could remember how I felt after my last visit. Now while you remembered my message to state that I was thankful for your professionalism, in fact I used Professionalism to describe your staff. Given the fact that you put me into your chair yesterday 5 hours early I will now agree that you have earned the professionalism comment. So Thank you. I don’t think that I have ever felt the pride in my teeth that I am beginning to get as a result of your efforts. You are not only a doctor but in my case you’re an artist and a magician.

Brett S

Thank-you Dr P. for being such a mensch.
Have a Happy Holidays and many blessings in the New Year!

D. I.

Thank you. As I am sure you know after all the years you have been trying to show me the BEST way to keep my mouth, gums and teeth healthy. I am always very appreciative of all the care you give to your patients, especially me. You are the best.
Larry and Hannah

Dr Phil, I was thinking of you and how blessed I am to have you as the guardian of my mouth. I appreciate you; the fact that you are a consummate professional; a perfectionist that won't quit until the job is done even better than correctly . I always notice and appreciate your dedication to your work. It shines through. Thank you pal.

Don Seigle

Dear Phil,

There are NO WORDS that could tell you how much I appreciate what YOU did for me tonight, on a Saturday nite at your office, to get me out of pain.
Thank you so very much.
Ellen, Ellen Watermelon

Ellen Gordon

You are the best dentist I have ever been to and you know I've had lots of work! BE

Beverly Ellman

Dr Sacks is truly a mensch. Took care of me and charged $100. Thanx for telling me about him


Dr. Sacks - thank you for always being so awesome to me in every way! I adore you. You'll see me and my teeth soon. Chelsea

Chelsea Foster

Rating: 5 stars
Review Headline: so happy with Dr. Sacks
About the Office:
Office cleanliness: 5 stars
Staff friendliness: 5 stars
Short wait time: 5 stars
Chairside manner: 5 stars
Explained treatment: 5 stars
Review Description: I've been coming here for over 30 years.

Marilyn Soifer

Thank you for all the work you have done for me. My mouth thanks you. Taryn


All Smiles ! I just had a bowl of cereal and it "WAS AMAZING" the best bowl of cereal I have had in a long time thanks to YOU!!

Being that I was able to chew on both sides I go the full flavor of my Rice Chex and it was delish!! lol. love love love the way I'm beginning to smile with my whole mouth and not just one side.Oh and please give a shout out to the girls for me they are appreciated for all they do!!!

Shelly C

Many thanks for sharing lunch with me today. It's an honor to share time with the besst dentist in all of Los Angeles! Next time my treat.

Richard F.

Dr Sacks, you ar a fantastic dentist and a good friend.

San and Brittani

Need two filings but mouth in great shape for 80 years of having it......besides that, Dr Phil is a gentle dentist which for me is superb.

Maggie R

By the way this last appointment was really easy. There is always some pain of some sort. Not this time! Nothing! Thank you very much. You at awesome and I can't wait to come back for more!! I almost wish I had more cavities! Almost. Lol


Can't thank you enough or all your hard work and kindness....It's nice to know there are still a few people who actually care about people left in this world.....As the sticker says, You are AWESOME!!!! I am lucky to have you as a friend! With much gratitude, B.


Left handed compliment? "You know how I don't often give complements except for left handed ones, however since you adjusted my mouth piece I have slept through the night every single night. I don't even get up to pee. There must be a connection. I really use to clench but if I do now I can't tell. Thank you. Maybe you want to put this in one of your digests"

Arnie D.

Can you imagine a dental office where everyone is so friendly and accommodating you feel as if you have made new friends? Where discussing financial matters is not intimidating? Where the dentist is there to assist you in all your needs and is not only professional but an excellent dentist. Over the years I have even had chairside serenades and we have sung duets (Dr Fills loves music as I do). There is fresh brewed coffee available all day and a location that is not only conveniently located, but immaculate. I had moved out of state for eleven years,k and I am so glad to once again be back at Dr. Fills!

Louise R.

Best Dental Experience I ahve ever had. Dr. Phil is the most caring and best dentist I ahve ever known. If you are afraid of dentists, he will put your fears to rest! The office staff is very friendly and they make you feel like "family".

Peggy S

Dear Dr. Sacks. I really do not have words that can express how truly grateful I am for your generosity! I want you to know that I think you are a wonderful person, and your staff is too! My stomach was so sccared when you started work on those lower cavities so close to the gums, but I knew I was in the most perfect hands I could ever wish to be in for that kind of dental work, and I was very thankful my friend David knew you!

You and your staff were so gentle and kind! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

It is an amazing feeling to not have to stress about your teeth 24/7. I need to keep them clean 24/7, but the stress is gone. I have you to thank for that. Bless you!!!

With affection


You have made a man very thankful that he met you. Sam, couldn’t get the frog out of his throat when he spoke about you and how thrilled he was to meet you and have you be his doctor..
You did exactly what I knew you would and again THANK YOU

Fred R.

Front tooth replaced and matched to teeth on both sides. Couldn't have asked for a better job!

Jack P.

I was just going to e-mail you. I would like to thank you for your kindness and professionalism. Yesterday when I was in your office, I felt comfortable and confident in your ability to do the best work on my teeth. You explained what you were doing every step of the way, taking your time to ensure you only took as little of the decay away as needed, and leaving me with as much of my tooth as you could. When I saw Dr. Stella today I shared my wonderful experience with her and she assured me, which I already knew, what a dedicated dentist you are who truly cares about the patient. My teeth feel great! It is because of all of my years with you that I am not afraid to go to the dentist. Thank you for your kindness.

Jen M.

Overall experience is five star. Everything from chair side friendliness and office cleanliness is thorough treatment and procedures are carefully done to make comfortable!

Pam D.

I've become very vain. I keep smiling and looking in the mirror.
You are an artist--a creative artist. Thank you for your artistry, and.......our friendship.

Sherri B

Dr Sacks & Staff: Thank you for the great service. you patched me up and got me on the road. M.S.

Mary Ellen Simmer

Just saw your message....Thanks for all the kind thoughts and i want you to know how much i appreciate how much you have helped my mouth. Not to mention my mental state in dealing with the dental world.... you did it, you broke down the mighty walls...HA...really can't thank you enough. everything seems to be healing beautifully, feeling so different, so much better. Didn't realize till now how bad my mouth was.... my mouth is sore right now but its a different sore, it's a healing sore, not the overall unhealthy ache that it was before. Don't mean to talk your ear off, just thank you so much for everything and it's great having a new friend. see you when i get back

Rick B

Dear Dr. Phil
I just wanted you to know..
I appreciated your expertise in Dental Surgery.
The special treatment for my tooth was great and effective.
I am happy for a comfortable new smile.
Thanks for the good care.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there yesterday. It felt nice to have you at my surgery. Thank you so very much.

Shelly S

Hi DOC good looking out u as usual did a fantastic job tooth and gums r fine no pain to speak of normal discomfort your a good friend and great dentist luv u I've been praying for u & and your family.

Bob S

Hi Dr. Sacks! Happy to tell you that I am quite happy with the filling you repaired Friday morning! Minimal discomfort, and peace of mind knowing it’s corrected. Here’s to you, the best dentist ever !!


Peggy V.

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