Occlusal Adjustment/Harmony

From a satisfied patient:  "You know how I don't often give complements except for left handed ones, however since you adjusted my mouth piece I have slept through the night every single night. I don't even get up to pee. There must be a connection. I really use to clench but if I do now I can't tell. Thank you. Maybe you want to put this in one of your digests"

Many patients don't realize that their teeth don't work right until it is too late for all or part of them.   If just one tooth is not in sync with the harmony of a healthy mouth, an entire dentition and even the TMJ (jaw joint) can be affected.  

Thankfully, there are techniques to safefly adjust one or a number of teeth to a balance that is healthful for the oral apparatus (mouth and tmj).  

We either restore teeth to balance, or shave just a little here and there (occlusal adjustment) and make things work in harmony. 

 Symptoms of lack of harmony are excessive wear on teeth, pain on tooth or teeth when chewing, looseness of teeth, periodontal disease and resultant looseness (trauma from too much pressure) , wear at the gum line (called Abfractions), gum recession, bone recession, and wearing of enamel down into soft part of tooth called dentin (looks yellow on top).   After that, we also consider tmj joint disease and clicking and popping in jaw joint as well as tenderness are symptomatic of this condition. 

If you are concerned ask us. 

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