Team Bios



Meet Carole worked for Dr. Sacks thirty years ago (when she was 12 she says :)) and likes to help part-time the last few years.  You will love Carole on the phone and in person as well.   She is as great a customer service person as they come!


Meet Andrea , she is Dr. Sacks Chairside Assistant and is a wonderful member of our team!!  She likes hiking and the beach.  She will great you with a warm smile when welcoming you into our office.



 Meet Anya,  she is Dr. Sacks Dental Hygienist with over 10 years experience caring for patients oral health.  She is extremely knowledgeable and an educator on how to maintain excellent care of your mouth. She is great with all our patients.


 Meet  Dawn,  she is Dr. Sacks Front Office Manager with several years of experience in all areas of dentistry.  She is knowledgeable and able to assist you with understanding your dental treatment needs with insurance and finances.  She is friendly and enjoys meeting all of our patients.










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