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Our office is a friendly and relaxed environment.   Outside are trees and running water and pond treatments.  We feel like we are in the mountains with all of the pine trees even visible from our windows.  All of this is very calming and Zen-like, which is definitely good for dental treatment outcomes.  Our office is exceptionally clean.  We are constantly striving to provide an atmosphere you can feel safe in.  We exceed all mandated infection control guidelines.  We use digital x-rays which give 2/3 less radiation and allow better viewing of dental issues.   Our staff has been with us for years, and have many years of experience. 

Inside we have the pleasant odors of aromatherapy (not dentistry).  We have coffee, water, energy bars and yogurt for you because dentistry is better with something in your stomach for most, and if it is hot outside, we want you hydrated when you leave.   Everything is done to make you comfortable and safe.   After all, you are that special to us, you are family.   We can't wait to meet you!



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